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Engaging a global fan base


Arsenal wanted to see higher engagement in the digital experiences they offered. We were asked to redesign followed by the redesign and build of their mobile apps.

The challenge

Design and build a new suite of digital products for Arsenal to increase fan engagement.

Better use

Create an experience that will be sustained in its appeal to Arsenal’s large following.

International & local

Cater to a global fan base that has varying behaviours and ways of supporting the club in different localities but similar levels of devotion.

Official channel

The interface had to serve as one of the club’s official voices with its tone and approach, and build on Arsenal’s heritage, which is central to the club’s image.

Feel exceptional

Given that supporters today have access to a near endless number of digital services for following a sport, the app had to stand out while not appearing to shout at fans or resorting to gimmicks.

Multiple integrations

Develop the app with integrations to a number of third party services including identity management, video playback, and Opta data.

Separate phases

Redesign then create a set of mobile apps in line with this.

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Our approach

It was a dynamic process, with developers and designers working in parallel. This allowed us to finish the website redesign quickly and the development of the build on both iOS and Android over just a few months.

Part way through the project, we carried out user testing with fans in, and around, the ground. The website and apps were launched in separate phases around the world, all to a strong reception, with an increase in fan engagement and subscriptions.

The outcome

A new site and mobile apps on iOS and Android, which allow fans around the world to feel connected to the club during, and outside, games.

All work
Engaging a global fan base