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Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House

Opera for everyone

Tech Consultation

Ostmodern worked with the Royal Opera House to deliver digital transformation initiatives including strategy, an overall website refresh, a design system implementation and a new integrated streaming service.

The challenge

Ostmodern ran an R&D project aimed at understanding how digital media might help arts institutions hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Royal Opera House (ROH) took part and Ostmodern ultimately became their strategic partner on several initiatives centred around the ongoing digital transformation of the organisation. Many of these were focused on increasing internal workflow efficiency through design and increasing the reach of the ROH brand.


Gain strategic alignment across the organisation and the board regarding digital transformation projects including the new streaming service (ROH Stream). To secure the budget, we needed to ensure the right processes were in place and had been communicated effectively. We carried out market-sizing and research to inform the implementation of new initiatives.

Proposition testing across multiple use cases

The ROH team as a whole needed to understand how the various propositions might work together and promote each other. ROH has users who want to see what is on at multiple theatres, coexisting with those who want to find a cinema showing or watch on demand. We developed north star prototypes and further research aimed at de-risking these avenues as much as possible and ensuring cross-selling and awareness could be built between them.

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Our approach

We tested prototypes that looked at the Royal Opera House experience website across desktop and mobile. From user research, we learned that the Royal Opera House would be able to grow awareness through cross-selling to its existing users when they go to book tickets. New users, on the other hand, would come in from social media or be cross-sold into booking tickets as part of a sort of arts pilgrimage when visiting London.

Refining the UX and MVP

We developed a new design system for the entirety of the Royal Opera House website to update and make the site more efficient. We also reduced the complexity of the designs that were available in the CMS and implemented new rules to create a more efficient workflow.

Royal Opera House
The outcome

Delivering a consistent design system from ticketing and events through to the catering experience for patrons. We are particularly proud of the implementation of the Royal Opera House stream including the sub-brand and its integration into the rest of the site.

Developing fresh approaches to subscribing and engaging with the Royal Opera House and creating a lasting legacy of digital transformation within the organisation itself.

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Royal Opera House
Opera for everyone