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ITV Box Office

ITV Box Office

A refreshing approach to pay-per-view


As part of a new commercial direction for the broadcaster, ITV created Box Office, a channel where viewers can sign up for and watch live events. We were asked to lead the design and build of the digital site.

The challenge

Create a site for audiences to watch live events produced by the UK commercial broadcaster ITV.

  • Create a digital product that would deliver individual pay-per-view events while also building loyal relationships with viewers.
  • Manage complex rights entitlements and payment plans, which vary by region.
  • The user interface had to progress ITV’s marketing principles, which had been set by the business.
  • Drive new revenues for ITV to meet its business goals.
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Our approach

While the process was largely design-led, a significant portion of the work meant focusing on building a product which would meet the capabilities of the third-party payment system as well as registration for Sky TV. We created a series of designs which we then tested with the client. We iterated on these before going into design production and build.

ITV Box Office
The outcome

A beautiful, design-led product that focuses on building relationships with viewers.

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ITV Box Office
A refreshing approach to pay-per-view