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Channel 4

Channel 4

Entertaining simplification


We designed the experience strategy and visual UI for All 4 across desktop, tablet, mobile and TV. The result was a leaner service with one destination for each show and a much bigger focus on streaming video.

The challenge

Reposition video on demand from playing a supporting role, to being at the very centre of Channel 4’s digital presence.

The architecture of had become inefficient due to organic expansion. There were many disparate sections and inconsistencies that needed to be addressed with an architectural overhaul.

Respond to user needs

80% of Channel 4’s audience used 4oD. We had to capitalise on this user base to reinvigorate

To enhance the user experience and meet their evolving needs, we worked with multiple technical platforms to improve the implementation of content information organisation, scheduling, and editorial curation.


We ensured that the design system accommodates various show structures, programs that move on and off the service, and associated short-form content. These efforts have resulted in a more flexible and seamless platform for users to enjoy their favourite shows and discover new content.

Ongoing rebrand

As we were designing the service, we worked closely with the branding team to ensure that our efforts were aligned with the ongoing development of a new brand for All 4.

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Our approach

Our team closely collaborated and integrated with the internal Channel 4 design team. This approach allowed us to gain a detailed understanding of the challenges at hand, make realistic and achievable design decisions, tackle difficult tasks early on, and ultimately achieve buy-in from the business.

By working together in this way, we were able to ensure a seamless and successful design process.

Listening to users

It was important for our team to listen to the needs of users throughout the design process. We discovered that answering their questions was paramount to the success of our concept. Users wanted to know what they could catch up on, what was currently airing, and what was new to watch. We made sure to address these concerns in our design decisions to create a seamless user experience.

Content lifecycle

When designing our interface, we made sure to consider the lifecycle of the content and how to communicate the differences between a "box set" and a returning series. By analyzing these details, we were able to create an interface that effectively communicates the right information at the right time, with simplicity and elegance.

Channel 4
The outcome

A complete rework of, 4oD and associated apps to become All 4, the digital home of Channel 4 with video at its core.

'Channel 4 is proud to work with Ostmodern. Over the years they have been integral in helping us develop a first-class On Demand service. They were the obvious design partner to work with to bring Channel 4’s new digital service - All 4 - to life'



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Channel 4
Entertaining simplification