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Formula 1

Formula 1

Unlocking the hidden race


F1 decided to launch their own direct-to-consumer streaming service, commissioning us to design and build it. We worked with several third parties to deliver it. The goal was to attract more young people to the sport and strengthen their hand in relation to rights.

The challenge

Create a world-class streaming service that reconnects F1 with younger audiences all over the world, blending content and data into an intuitive, enjoyable experience.

  • Meet the high standards F1 is known for, while incorporating multiple live streams and large amounts of data and metadata, scaling and synchronising these for a global audience.
  • Create a user interface where fans can easily understand how, and when, to move between streams.
  • Deliver a product that would help increase the market value of F1’s content rights.
  • Align the proposition with the marketing activity of the third parties F1 had engaged to refresh their brand identity.
  • Attract new, younger audiences as well as deliver a product that would be enjoyed by the existing highly active fanbase.
  • Launch this industry-first service in just six months.
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Our approach

We leveraged our long relationship with F1, to deliver on their desire for a streaming service. We drew on our rigorous, research-led process, carrying out a thorough content and data audit, prototyping concepts and testing these with a selection of fans before going into build.

Our work also involved collaborating with Apple on achieving the most efficient payment journeys and introducing analytics to understand how people were using the product.

Formula 1
The outcome

F1’s first ever direct-to-consumer product, delivering live and on-demand race content, including all drivers’ on-board cameras, broadcast to 108 countries.

All work
Formula 1
Unlocking the hidden race